We were warned ahead of time, but it still seems like this year's Boise River floating season came and went too quickly.  Labor Day marked the final day of the official 2017 season.

This means that raft and tube rentals and shuttle buses between Ann Morrison and Barber Parks are no longer in operation.

The flooding early in the summer caused the float season opening to be delayed until almost August (July 29th), which was the latest opening on record - about a month later than average.

It is possible to continue to float the river on your own gear (and without the rentals and convenience of the shuttle buses).

This year did include swift-water rescues and the injury from a bridge jumper, but for most of us, even the limited time was a gift to have the chance to enjoy the quintessential Boise summer activity.

You can find more on float season from the Idaho Statesman.

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