Some call them Momisms, I like to call them Momalies...little pieces of wisdom mom gives over the years of growing up..a lot of times they don't make sense until we ourselves become parents..Here's your chance to share your Momalies and win free dinner from Lucky Fins Seafood Grill and be entered into a grand prize of pampering for mom from Allante Life Med Spa.

It's easy to win, we all have heard these little nuggets from Mom:

"If I've told you once I've told you a thousand times not to exaggerate"

"If you don't stop crying I'll really give you something to cry about"  Wait..what?

"This spanking is going to hurt me more than you" That I found was NEVER true!


There, that should get you started....we will choose four winners who have shared their best Momalies. Those four winners will each get a gift $25 certificate to Lucky Fins Seafood Grill in Boise downtown at Boise Center and in Meridian at Eagle and Fairview.

Out of all the entries received who have shared their momalies, we will have one grand prize drawing to choose a winner of the $400 gift certificate to use on services from Allante Life Med Spa.

You have till Friday morning at 9am to share your momalies and be in for the Mother's Day prizes from Mix 106, Lucky Fins and Allante Life Med Spa

Share below in our comments section, on our Facebook Page, by email at or call or text at 208-376-5106




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