I'm not a Cowboys fan and I'm not a fan of Cowboy fans either...until now..A small baby with a heart defect who spends her days in pain is strangely calmed by this one thing...

Watching a Dallas Cowboys game.  It's the strangest thing. Watch the video and watch how she instantaneously stops crying as soon as the game is turned on.  And it doesn't matter if it's on a television, a computer screen or even a phone. She'll stop crying and turn her head towards the broadcast.

Since my team, the Seahawks are now out of it, I wish the Cowboys would have won their game to help this poor little baby keep her mind off her pain.

Doctors aren't sure what it is about the Cowboys games that soothes her, but it's the only thing that they can put on TV that works. They've tried other games, kids shows, soap operas, you name it and only the Dallas Cowboys will do.  Luckily for the parents of the baby, it doesn't have to be a current game...she reacts the same way for re-runs of games..even if it's the same game over and over again.

So the doctors and family might like to think it's the Dallas Cowboys in general, but I personally believe it the BSU-Dallas Cowboys that are responsible.

So mom and dad, I think you have Demarcus Lawrence, Orlando Scandrick, Kellen Moore and Tyrone Crawford to thank for helping your little daughter feel a little better as she deals with her pain and recovery.....Go Broncos/Cowboys

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