From the Department of "You Have Got to be Kidding Me!!!" A group of middle school children recently visited the 911 Memorial and began singing the National Anthem. Before they got to finish, security guards stopped them from singing. Keep in mind, this story didn't happen in another country, it happened right here in the United States of America.

They were in the middle of the National Anthem when a a guard walked up and cut them off in the middle of it.  He said it was a public demonstration, and they had to have a permit to be able to continue to sing. Seriously? What has our country come to when a group of school children can't sing for fear of offending someone?  And what about our bill of rights?  One of those rights is the right for peaceful assembly.  Guess that wouldn't apply to school kids.

According to their teacher the kids were so touched by Ground Zero, they asked to honor the site the best way they knew how,  and singing was their way of paying respect.

A 911 memorial spokeswoman admitted that the situation was mishandled. “The guard did not respond appropriately,” she said. “We are working with our security staff to ensure that this does not happen again with future student performances.”

No word if the security guards would be disciplined.