Ada County Has Over $24 Million for Rental Assistance
From stimulus checks to PPO loans for businesses to tax breaks, there have been some help offered to the individuals most impacted but for many it hasn't been enough. If you are or know someone who is financially suffering in Ada County there is new assistance available for those who qualify.
Second Stimulus Check – How Much and When…
There are still negotiations, debates and talks as they are still trying to finalize a nearly $1 trillion COVID-19 relief package. It is looking like this economic relief package will shell out about $600 to American individuals, half the amount of the first time.
Porn = Public Health Risk
Last week, a group of Idaho lawmakers made moves to have our state be the latest to declare pornography a risk to public health. The motion has moved to the House floor.
How ITD Saved $320k
For most of us, we look for ways to cut down on spending and stretch our budgets further.  That's no different with the Idaho Transportation Department how has figured out how to save $320,000 in the last year.
PBS To Air New Doc
Do you remember the siege on the Weaver Compound in Northern Idaho in 1992? The infamous story of Randy Weaver and the 11-day standoff with the United States Government is seeing new life with a new documentary this week.