There's been several new flights added to the Boise Airport over the past few months and I don't know about you but I pan to take full advantage. Most recently, the Boise Airport launched their new direct flights to Chicago and Austin while also announcing a new flight to Phoenix.

The urge to travel for people has never been so real after most of us had to put our vacations on hold for a whole year. I did some research to find some of the best travel deals out of the Boise Airport for this summer and here is what I came up with - all of which are $150 or less for a roundtrip!

Boise - Los Angeles 

  • TRAVEL DATES: July 7 - July 11
  • PRICE: $150
  • AIRLINE: Delta

Boise - Denver 

  • TRAVEL DATES: July 15 - July 18
  • PRICE: $88
  • AIRLINE: Frontier

Boise - Nashville

  • TRAVEL DATES: July 30 - August 2
  • PRICE: $106
  • AIRLINE: Allegiant

Boise - Seattle 

  • TRAVEL DATES: July 15 - July 20
  • PRICE: $97
  • AIRLINE: Alaska Airlines

Boise - Phoenix 

  • TRAVEL DATES: July 23 - July 26
  • PRICE: $115
  • AIRLINE: Allegiant

Boise - Las Vegas

  • TRAVEL DATES: July 29 - Aug 1
  • PRICE: $111
  • AIRLINE: Allegiant

As you probably know flight prices change on a weekly if not daily basis so jump on these now. Most of these dates usually lap over a weekend and are quickly approaching. The prices around these dates are approximate for other dates surrounding what is listed so this at least gives you a good idea of what you'll be paying for if you travel around these dates. Remember that there's usually always a "deal" on flights and travel if you are flexible and just wanting to get out of town for a long weekend getaway to wherever!

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