Roaring Springs is hiring for the summer, here's what they're looking for and how to apply. Plus, other job resources in Idaho.

This is so much cooler than my first job. I was standing in a shoe store for eight hours a day cleaning up shoe trash and trying not to fall asleep. Maybe you know someone looking for their first job or maybe they just love being in the sun, Roaring Springs is looking for summer staffers that can serve in the roles of life guards, admissions, food services and more. Per their post here, applications are due March 1st. 

By the time summer '21 comes around, you're going to be ready for some sun and some socialization. This may be the perfect option for you if that's the case.

Maybe a waterpark isn't necessarily the best option for you personally, but you'd like to get into a new job in 2021. A cool resource is the Idaho Department of Labor's website where they have a seemingly endless directory of available jobs around town and around the state. You can search by type of job and filter by full time or part time status, pay, distance, etc. It is a pretty good resource to visit, especially if you've felt like you've seen everything there is to find on the internet. Something to check out, for sure.

And keep an eye out for the Idaho Job & Career Fair to announce another one of their career fairs. Seems like the pandemic has definitely stepped in and slowed that down but it couldn't hurt to bookmark their site and check it periodically for updates.

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