The most popular way right now besides vehicle to get around the Boise area is via scooter. I have seen and heard of so many people taking them and was finally able to take one myself.

When they rolled out the scooter companies folks were a little concerned and I can see why, they go fast and there is a high chance of injury if you are not paying attention. The first step in being able to ride is downloading the app, going through the steps and make sure your drivers licence is on you. After going through the setup process you will unlock a scooter. We had a ton of trouble doing this and it took a good 15 minutes for us all to get scooters that worked and for the app to work as well. They weren't going at first and there wasn't clear enough instructions visible until you kept going through the setup process of how to ride. After getting it down though we had a blast and were able to go to Bacon downtown on the scooters and enjoy the sunshine.

We did learn though that just locking the scooter on the app was still charging you per minute on the app. Lesson is to end ride and then restart it if you can, of course you risk losing it then. I would definitely do it again!

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