I love a good food challenge...while in College my roommate and I entered and won a pizza eating contest. Luckily it was a timed event and not a contest to see how much we could eat. (By the Way we ate 4 pieces of pizza in under 60 seconds) Here's a list of Idaho restaurants where if you eat it all, it's free...

Only in Your State gives a list of 7 Idaho restaurants who have eating challenges some where not only is your meal free, but like Westside Pizza in Star they pay you cash if you complete the challenge. Westside pays $100 if you can down their thick crust all meat monster 18 inch pizza. Before you start thinking it 's easy, please be aware that it's only been done once, back in 2015.

Other Treasure Valley food challenges:

Super Sushi in Boise~Demon Delight Sushi Roll Challenge

Wheeler's Handout in Nampa~18 Wheeler Challenge

Wing Nutz in Nampa~Purgatory Wing Challenge

Garage Cafe in Notus~Hemi Challenge

and of Course Rockies Diner~The Jouhnny B Goode Challenge

Some Boise locations have been made famous for their food challenges thanks to the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food, with Adam Richman. The show made visited Rockies Diner for the Johnny B Goode challenge, where if you completed the challenge your meal was not only free, but you also got a free guitar.  (As you can see from the video above, Adam didn't pull it off...only 30 some foodies have successfully completed the challenge out of over 1000 people who have tried.

There has to be way more than just seven Idaho restaurants that give you your meal free if you eat it...If you know of one or even maybe own an eating establishment that makes the free food challenge offer, please share below in our comments section or on our Facebook page....Good luck and happy eating.


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