For Mike and myself this is going to be hard to swallow...but a new video has been released and we may have our answers on the never ending saga of Bigfoot in Idaho. 

If you remember...back in June Mike found a VIDEO that looked like it could have been the real deal. Could this finally be the proof we have all been waiting for... that Bigfoot really had been found? This thing looked 100%. We even had Nicole wondering could this finally be it...Sasquatch! NOT SO FAST!!!! Now this video from The Paranormal Review says they have the video evidence that said video was a hoax. It was all a big tease.

So maybe this a hoax of a hoax, either way the evidence from the illusive Bigfoot still eludes us all. I am dying for the day that the we finally get to see a real big foot. Until that day though...there is always Harry and The Hendersons. - JD

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