Don't worry, you can still take to the sky! There are just some new stipulations to know before you do.

A new law has passed that requires all drone pilots to register the aircraft and receive remote pilot certification from the FAA. Said law also forbids drone enthusiasts from operating a drone to "harass, startle, or annoy people," and you also cannot take photo/video/audio of people where someone would have a "reasonable expectation of privacy."

If you were waiting for the law to take effect, you're too late. It's already passed and taken full effect. If you're a creep and caught breaking the new law, you'll be fined $100.

Why did Ada County decide to pass the law? There have been numerous complaints from citizens about drones invading privacy, meaning there are definitely some creepy pilots out there. As silly (and it feels like this is something from The Jetsons) as it sounds, if you do encounter a drone or drone pilot breaking this new law, contact your local law enforcement.

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