My ex-husband just got a vanity license plate that says LIVLIFE. To each his own, but having a vanity plate has never been my thing. Maybe I'm just not creative enough or I just want to go a little more incognito. Whether you like vanity plates or not, I thought these rejected vanity plates were pretty funny. found these. Be prepared that you may find some of them offensive, but that's why they were rejected, so you won't see anyone driving around the Treasure Valley with these license plates any time soon.












I think I must be the most naive person on the planet, because I can't figure half of these out! Ha! Apparently they are inappropriate, but I don't get it! Does anyone want to help me out!?

The only time I ever considered getting a vanity license plate was when I was in High School. My best friend called me "Turtle," (I have no idea why, it was just our thing! I called her Myrtle!) Anyway, I wanted a Green Volkswagen Bug with a license plate that said TURTLE. It never happened, but I thought that would have been pretty cute!

What's the funniest  or most creative vanity license plate you have seen driving around Boise?


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