So I just moved to the Treasure Valley, and one of the deals I made with myself is that I would try my hardest to have a good relationship with my neighbors, but I may have to pull out a passive aggressive tactic in order to handle this situation. Let me explain why.

I have a neighbor that's actually newer than I am, and the day they were moving in, they parked directly IN FRONT of my driveway. I politely went over, knocked on the door and asked them to move it, and they did. But last night, they did it again... This time (pictured) they didn't block the driveway but I definitely had to navigate around their car.  And, look at all the room they have in front of their own house!

So again, I knock, say "hey, can you move this van?", and they did... But if this continues to happen, I think my options are to create an enemy and have them towed, or take the real passive aggressive route and put a sign in my lawn saying "DON'T BLOCK THE DRIVEWAY!!!", which I really don't want to do because I want to be cool with the neighbors, but more than anything, I'd like to be able to get into my driveway.



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