What a quick trip but sometimes needed, to the City of Bridges I went and here is what I did with less than 48 hours in the city.

I love taking off and just visiting a place that has culture, nightlife and more. So this weekend I didn't have anything going on and so I went to Portland for some fun. I had no idea how crazy the big race is though on the coast " Hood to Coast" because Saturday night they started rolling back into town but I really saw it on Sunday. I felt like the whole city was in that race cause on Friday it was like a ghost town.

If you have a short visit to P-town here are some things that I did this weekend:

  • Sushi
  • Voodoo Doughnuts
  • Dan and Louis Oyster Bar
  • Brazilian Festival
  • Powell's Books
  • Check out famous spots downtown like the 'Crystal Ballroom'
  • Downtown artwork
  • Shopping
  • Movie


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