I've been invited to a pool party that takes place tomorrow. I've known for two weeks. Have I done anything to prep myself for a situation where I'll be spending time in front of human eyes whilst in a bathing suit? Nope! Luckily I've been in this situation many a time because I'm profoundly lazy and wait until the last minute for most social things. I'll be ready for tomorrow by doing just a few simple things.

I don't have time to achieve an even tan, especially as the sun is dropping from the sky. So I reach for Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse. I know sunless tanner sounds scary for fear of streaky application. Since this is a mousse it's very light and easy to apply and even out. I use a tanning mitt, but plastic gloves work just as well (and since pandemic it seems like a lot of us are stocked up).

Not trying to have my gut out and about to play, so I opt for a high waist bottom to keep my mommy pouch in check. I've stocked up on a few prints to mix and match. If you don't have any, literally everywhere you can purchase a swimsuit carries them. They are in style!

While a high waist bottom is helpful, I drink extra water the night before to push out bloat and maximize the appearance of a minimized tummy. It's also just good to be hydrated if you're going to be out in the sun.

Lastly, I wear my hair down to distract from my broad shoulders, big arms, and huge breasts. I don't dislike these features in isolation, but in comparison to my small head, they make me look like a hen. Wearing my hair down, especially curly, evens it all out.

If I'm feeling up for it I'll throw on a tall pair of wedge sandals to accentuate my legs, which I consider my best feature. The point is, it's quick prep to look and feel cute in a pool setting. Any other tips I should be employing? Let me know!!


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