So I'm now going to physical therapy occasionally at St. Luke's and I realize, this is the ultimate accountability. They'll know if I don't do the stretches and workouts I've had assigned to me!

All I had to do is fall down the stairs, break my back, lose my job and health insurance for several months, move to Idaho, get a new job and new insurance, make an appointment and tada! Now I've got accountability!

Thing is I've got some residual issues from when I broke my back last year and I get sore if I stand for any length of time or sit in a chair with no back so I thought, I should address this. Now, some of it is the muscles in my back that weren't being used for the period of time I was in a brace but some of it is the fact that I've gained a little bit of weight.

So now I'm going to physical therapy and I've been instructed to workout and do stretches and whattya know, they'll be able to tell if I haven't done the exercising, eating healthy and the stretching I've been prescribed. So now, my friends, is when I finally get in shape and make the back pain go away!

Thank you, St. Luke's!

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