Can you go out to the rig and in the jockey box you'll find some fry sauce for my finger steaks. What phrases do you know of that are uniquely Idaho?

Here's a few off the top of my head:

* We have to meet some friends in BODO

* Be careful that crick is deeper than it looks.

* Fry sauce tastes delicious on my finger steaks. Nobody outside of Idaho knows what a finger steak is (who wants to eat a finger?) And try asking for fry sauce in another won't get what you expected.

* Let's grab a some pop and head out to shoot some whistle pigs.

One thing I notice about phrases in Idaho, is that we tend to drop "to be" a lot. As in the car needs to be washed or the table needs to be set. Instead we Idahoans say the car needs washing, the table needs setting. A friend brought this to my attention, saying that he's visited many states and he only notices that Idahoans do this.

Only in your State has this list of 12 phrases that you only hear in Idaho 

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