Do you pay attention to the online games your kids are playing? You might want to start as this online game has already caused a number of teens to commit suicide world wide.


The game is called The Blue Whale app and it's an online game that urges participants to carry out a series difficult challenges over a fifty day period.

Participants are told to self mutilate themselves by carving images of whales into their bodies with razor blades and knives. Eventually after meeting all the tasks given they are told to take their own lives, usually by jumping off a tall building.

The game app apparently also goes by different names, such as  “A Silent House”; “A Sea of Whale” and “Wake me up at 4:20am”.

Parents are urged to monitor their children’s devices and check for any of these games on their devices.

Already, more than 16 teenage girls have died in Russia due to the game. Russian authorities say that the founder of the Blue Whale app 21 year-old Philipp Budeikin told police that the purpose of the app was to rid society of “biological waste”.  He claimed that the victims were “happy to die” and he was “cleaning society” What a douche bag!

Now you may be wondering if this is all a hoax or if it’s real. According to Snopes this story is unproven  but the Snopes article does go on to say that there is an apparent link between the Blue Whale gaming app and the suicides reported in Russia and Central Asia.

One of the most watched Netflix shows right now is a docudrama about teen suicide called “13 Reasons Why”  It’s based on a novel by the same name about a high school student who dies by suicide and leaves 13 tapes on why she committed suicide

Your kids may have not watched the show, but I guarantee they have heard of it or talked about it with their friends…might be a good time for you as a parent to talk to your child about suicide, before it’s too late.

Here are a few warning signs according to the web site


  • Preoccupation with death
  • Threats to kill oneself or expressing the wish that he or she was dead.
  • Poor hygiene or change in appearance
  •  Extreme behavioral changes including moving from extremely sad to very happy
  • Giving away precious items





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