It's all around us, solicitation. People are always trying to sell you something!

I know that people have to make a living and that sometimes being told of a product mouth to mouth is an easy way to find out more and possibly purchase but sometimes I am just not in the mood. There are places for it and not in my opinion. I am on board with this if it's for a non-profit, yes that's me the one who will complain but if it's for a good organization then I am fine.

I went to the grocery store and as I entered ( in a hurry of course) I was asked if I would like something for free, I said no I was in a hurry and I figured there was a catch. The young man actually said " It would make my day if I could give you ____". I chuckled cause he was trying. After I shopped I thought about taking the long way to my car outside but I was parked right near that entrance, even after thinking that young man will jealousy approach me I decided to still attempt top walk passed. Then I made the mistake of saying ok I will take what you are offering for free, that was a mistake. He then wanted to give me a gift card but only if I bought a subscription, after declining for the fifth time he said he was close to his first big real estate investment and needed these sales. This went on for another 5 minutes, that I really didn't have. Even after saying no he kept at it, yes persistent, dedicated maybe but also annoying and pestering. I always like to see people working but in this day there are so many solicitors out there.

I know there is a fine line but I am just tired of it being shoved in my face, I have to go to the grocery store, it's a necessity. That's where they get you...

I am not saying to do away with it but would just like less of it, but I know it is not going away anytime soon.

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