Finding other couples to hang out with can be tough. What do you do if your best friend and his new wife have all the same interests as you and your wife, but your wife just can't get past one little issue with the other wife?

Steve Frost

Other People's Problems February 18th

Mike & Kate

My wife and I are both 35 and have no kids yet. We have a handful of friends that we like to do stuff with, but sometimes it's tough because they all have kids. They aren't able to take off for a weekend in McCall as easily as we are. Or go out to dinner at the last minute. It's really not that big of an issue. My wife and I are content doing stuff on our own.

The reason for the OPP email is because my best friend of 20 years just moved back to Boise. He moved 10 years ago for a job in Vegas. He made enough money to transfer his company up to Idaho and was able to move back. He got married 2 years ago. My wife and I went down for the wedding and it seemed like our wives hit it off. They didn't spend a ton of time together because it was her wedding, but they got along.

I was so excited that my buddy was moving back to town and we would all be able to hang out together. Finally a couple without kids. My wife was excited too. She kept talking about how she thought the two of them would be good friends. I made one mistake though. See, my buddy's wife used to be a stripper in Vegas. That is how they met. She stopped dancing and started working for my buddy when their relationship got serious. He doesn't have an issue with what she did for a living and I could honestly care less.

The mistake I made was telling my wife. She was so disgusted by this and now she doesn't want to do anything with them as a couple. And of course being a woman she told all the other women in our group of friends. Not only does my wife refuse to hang out with them, but she has turned all her gossipy friends against this woman.

My buddy's wife doesn't know anyone here so she has been calling my wife to go to lunch and get out. My wife is totally snubbing her, making it very awkward for me. This really pisses me off. I know people are just going to call and say, hang out with your buddy without the wives. But my buddy is constantly wanting all 4 of us to do stuff together. What do I tell him? "Sorry. My wife won't hang out with your wife because she was a stripper?" How do I make my wife see she is being so superficial to judge this woman for something she did when we didn't even know her. Has anyone ever had a good buddy and the wives didn't get along but they guys were able to bring peace to the situation? Help.

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