A Seattle area car dealership will be shelling out more than $400,000 to some lucky car buying fans after Sunday’s Seattle shut out of the New York Giants

Jet Chevrolet, a car dealership just outside Seattle, offered a promotion that would pay out $35,000 to contestants, should the Seahawks hold the New York Giants to zero points this past weekend. 

In case you missed it, the Seahawks picked off Eli Manning five times and cruised to a 23-0 victory.

The owners of Jet, were shocked at the shutout with owner Jim Johnson, saying. “We never expected we’d actually be giving away the money.” 

Apparently Johnson and his colleagues haven’t been paying attention to my beloved Seahawks and their dominant defense…. or the Giants and their really crappy offense this year. The Seahawks are averaging the fewest points allowed in the league (14.6 per game),

Jet Chevrolet, offered car buyers and non-buyers a shot at winning $35,000 in cash. By purchasing a car, the buyer would receive 100 raffle tickets.  Non-buyers received one ticket. 

If there was no shutout, then one winner would be drawn to win $35,000 cash.

It’s not a total loss for the dealership, however. Jet Chevrolet shelled out $7,000 to secure an insurance package covering the competition, should Seattle manage to win by shutout. 

In other words, Seattle Seahawks win, the

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fans win, the dealership wins by selling all the cars and the only losers would be the New York Giants and of course the insurance company who has to shell out $420,000…….All in all, not to bad a Sunday.