Taylor Swift has officially canceled her Lover Fest tour and I have a theory that it means she'll announce a massive 2022 tour that visits more than just two cities. Will she come to Boise?

Taylor Swift's Lover Fest was announced not long after her "Lover" album back in 2019. This was going to be a small tour in only two cities; Los Angeles and Boston, with two tour dates in each location. The rumor was that the reason she didn't want to do a massive stadium tour for "Lover" like she normally did was because she wanted to be there for her mom who had cancer.

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Now, I'm not sure what the status of Taylor Swift's mom's cancer is, obviously hoping for the best, but I do know that Taylor Swift is an artist who loves her fans and likes to reward them. Since Lover Fest was canceled, she has come out with two more albums. My theory is that, after the craziness of the pandemic, she'll reward her fans by going on a massive tour. Earlier this month, The Weeknd announced a massive 2022 world tour and I think we're going to start hearing more about these types of tours taking place next year and certainly, Taylor Swift has to be one of them, right?

So will she come to the Treasure Valley? She has before, she played at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa but that was earlier in her career before she was doing stadium tours. If she doesn't do a show here, she'll certainly have Seattle, Portland, Vegas and Salt Lake shows so the chances of being able to see her live are much greater than the minimal "Lover Fest". So get ready Swifties, once she announces a tour, people will be chomping at the bit to get tickets to a show that features three highly successful albums!

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