Turns out, nearly half of Idahoans have spent 29 minutes/day day-dreaming about traveling in the past year... Here's where you can cruise on the cheap!

Cruising is about the most affordable way to travel as it is because most are all inclusive, at least in terms of hotel, entertainment and food! (Alcohol will cost ya extra on most cruises). Personally, I've been on many cruises in my life and it's my favorite way to travel for many reasons. One, you can go with a group of friends and not have to worry about meeting people anywhere because you're at the same hotel... The ship you're on! I also like that you can eat and drink any carry on and not have to worry about how you're going to get back at the end of the night.

Some good deals up for grabs for 2022:

  • Carnival's 4 day cruise to Ensenada, Mexico out of San Francisco on the Carnival Miracle is a great option because you can get to San Francisco for relatively cheap and the cruise itself will run you about $359 per person, for FOUR NIGHTS OF HOTEL AND FOOD! Yeah, it's a deal!
  • Royal Caribbean has what I imagine is a BEAUTIFUL 7 night cruise to Alaska out of Seattle for just $589. That's under $85 again for hotel AND food, and you get to go on a beautiful Alaskan cruise!
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Much of my twenties was spent on Carnival cruises with friends and those are memories I'll always cherish; times I had so much fun, or got so drunk (booze cruises) or met so many awesome people. Something to consider as the world starts getting ready to go out and travel again!

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