According to, if online dating isn’t working for you it’s probably because you are making some mistakes in your online profile.  Most mistakes have to do with the photos that you post on your dating profile. Here are the seven biggest mistakes people make . . .


  1. Posting only one photo.  Posting more photos increases your chance of getting a response.  And nobody wastes time with someone who doesn't have a picture at ALL.
  2. Photos with someone who looks like an ex.  Even if the person's a sibling or a friend, it might not come across that way, and you'll like you're on the rebound.
  3. Nothing but group shots.  A few are okay, just include some pictures of you solo too.
  4. Photos that don’t match what your profile says. If you’re profile says that you are tall and slender…but your photos are anything but…daters may wonder what else you are stretching the truth about….  The idea is to actually SEE what you look like, so don't hide.
  5. Overusing filters.  If your photos are Photoshopped or altered with annoying Instagram filters, it just makes it look like you're hiding something.
  6. Shirtless selfies in front of a bathroom mirror.  33% of women said a shirtless photo was the biggest reason they'd pass on a guy's profile.  It's tacky and cocky.
  7. Women who crop their bodies out of every photo.  You're not fooling anyone, ladies:  This is the biggest turn-off for 36% of men.


Here are some things that you SHOULD do when it comes to posting photos:

Post some close-ups of your face, some full-body shots, a group photo or two, and solo shots of you doing something you love, like traveling or hanging out with your dog.



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