Are property tax increases killing you? My mortgage has gone up $150 in the last 4 years and I have a fixed interest rate. As a single mom, the property tax increases have killed my budget. This may save you if you're struggling to keep up. 

The Idaho House of Representatives passed a one-year property tax freeze bill on Friday and it now heads to the senate.

According to, as things stand taxing districts on the county can increase property tax budgets by 3% a year.

This bill would freeze the property tax portions of the budget from increasing at all in the fiscal year 2021.

Local government officials don't like this because they say it would hurt their ability to deliver needed services in their communities.

I'll be honest, as much as I personally like this idea, my biggest issue is a one year freeze isn't enough. There are so many people on a fixed income that simply cannot afford this continual increase and I don't know what the answer is.

What are your thoughts on the property tax increase over the last few years? Can you think of a better solution?

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