I just received a pretty shocking Facebook message. Linder Farms will shut down after this fall season. So many memories! This makes me really sad. Here's what Linder Farms said about their decision to close. 

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: This will be our last year of running Linder Farms. Running this farm and growing it has been a dream come true. After 16 years of running the farm we are forever grateful that you have made Linder Farms a tradition for your family. With Fall 2020 being our 17th and final season, we are planning many ways to celebrate and thank all of you for supporting us throughout these amazing years. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media accounts for more announcements and we can't wait to celebrate with you this fall.

At least we get one more chance to take the kids and create those memories. The pumpkin patch, corn maze, I loved it all!  It sounds like this year is going to be better than ever and they're going to go out with a bang. It seems the decision is personal, and I completely respect that.

To keep up to date with the last season festivities click the link below.

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