I love when I get a review of the "best" restaurant in the state. Whether it's pizza, Mexican food, wings, or burgers. I'm a foodie and I love discovering all that the Treasure Valley has to offer, but I need help finding the "Best Chinese Restaurant in Boise."

MSN.com just did a survey of the "Best Chinese Restaurant in Each State" and I was disappointed that their result was not in Boise.

The survey revealed that the "Best Chinese Restaurant in Idaho" is

Happy Chinese Restaurant in Idaho Falls

Apparently this spot is so popular in Idaho Falls that they have two locations and they serve up Northern Chinese comfort food such as honey walnut shrimp, sweet and sour chicken, huge egg rolls, and won ton soup.

Sounds great, but I don't plan on driving to Idaho Falls anytime soon!

Who do you think serves up the best Chinese food in the Treasure Valley?

Anytime I want Chinese food I grab Panda Express, but I'd like something a little more local. Likewise, P.F. Chang's makes for a great date night, but I want more of a Mom & Pop type restaurant.

Any suggestions?

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