Or 1,311 square feet is worth $350,000! That's a lot of money for not a lot of space, so there is a flip side that looks really good...

I'm so mad that I didn't by a house in Boise ten years ago, because I could sell it and make HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars at this point. Wow, Boise! It's tough if you're looking to purchase a new home in this market but if you've owned a home for a long time, you could make some serious cash! It is pretty crazy to think about. I remember hearing my grandparents purchased a NICE house back in the 70's for like 77,000. Add some interest on a 30 year loan and they were likely paying under $275 per month on a house payment. Could you imagine that? The lowest rent I've ever paid was $695 for a two bedroom apartment back in 2005, and I thought I was STEALING that place.

In 2021, the average rent in Boise for 881 square feet is a whopping $1,481 per month. My rent went up by a full hundred dollars when my least was up this past January and I was not thrilled about that, but what are you going to do, right? Do you pay the outrageous cost to move into a smaller place or suck it up and commit to an extra $1200 per year every time your lease comes up? These are the times we live in and I suppose you could complain or come to terms with it. I'm sure I'll do both at some point or another, but still glad to have a place to rest my head at night.

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