During the Boise boom in which could be a theme named later, we will encounter new business. There have been several sad stories of local businesses that couldn't survive the pandemic and now we're getting to the other side.

I think it goes side by side in Boise tradition to actually get you involved in new Idaho things that will impact the community. You have the opportunity to grow with this great station by putting a stamp on it with your name. There is a new park being built and the city is asking for your help to name it.

Courtesy: GGLO
Courtesy: GGLO

This could be the smartest way to introduce your park to the Treasure Valley by asking them to name a park being built for them. This is kind of fun right? Let's name it, "Kekeland of Love" or "Keke Park". Well, that makes it all about me and that's not going to work. I'll work on those ideas but you do the same.

This new park is being built at 11th Street and Bannock Street in the heart of Boise. I was on CityofBoise.org and they call this project the Westside Downtown Urban Park Project. You can expect the following experience below to the new park.

  • Large, tree-lined space
  • Public art
  • Shaded seating
  • New streetscapes along all three street frontages
  • Pedestrian alley with limited auto access
  • Public restrooms
  • Places to store bikes

This isn't your typical little grassy area as this project is being budgeted at over $4 million dollars. That's not just some paintings and a porta-potty. Here are a few guidelines in naming the park.

  1. Be culturally, historically, or environmentally significant.
  2. Be in any language.
  3. Can't be named after a particular individual, company, or organization unless it has significance to the site or other appropriate Boise connection.
  4. Submitted March 2 through March 16 by filling out the appropriate form.

Good luck and make us proud. I'm guessing a Kekeluv isn't going to work after reading that, but if you want to toss my name in a creative way don't let me stop you.


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