I believe this was the biggest opening for famous director Quentin Tarantino, his new film about 1960's L.A and a story all of America knows with a different twist.

Tarantino actually grew up in L.A, a mix between Tennessee and California but was always drawn back to the L.A area which makes me feel like not only did he connect with the Hollywood aspect but also the fact he was in L.A  around the time this movie takes place, although he was young.

Now back to the movie, this was a story that is about a semi struggling Hollywood actor the fictional neighbor of Roman Polanski and is QT's spin on the Charles Manson story where he ordered the murders in the Hollywood hills. The late Luke Perry had one of his last appearance in this movie.

Brad Pitt plays second fiddle to Leo in the story but really is the main character in my opinion BUT Leo played his role so well I can't really imagine anyone else playing the role. There are all sorts of cameos and major celebrities in this movie: Samuel L Jackson, Al Pacino, Dakota Fanning ( who was hard to recognize), Lena Dunham, Kurt Russell, Damian Lewis and I am sure more.

It wasn't what I expected but it was good. At one point you see someone come up to the house where Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski lives and it is clear it is the character of Charles Manson.

The ending is what gets everyone, you wish it ended that way but it didn't. It's a movie I think you have to watch to figure it out and if you are a Tarantino fan then this is a must watch just to see how it stacks up.

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