For the Most part, I don't have a lot in common with world class Olympic athletes.  Yes I have visited Coeur d'Alene Idaho, birthplace of Slopestyle gold Medal winner Sage Kotsenburg, but until this week, that was pretty much the end of our similarities. Until I found out we had this in common.

After winning the Gold Medal in Slopestyle snowboarding, Sage tweeted out that the Gold medal was nice, but he really wished it was made of bacon. WOW!  An Olympic Medal Gold Medal winner and I share a love of bacon. I would love to go up against Sage in a Bacon eating contest, because that is one competition where he wouldn't stand a chance.

Of course as soon as the news came out that he wished he had a medal made of bacon, a company obliged him and made him an exact copy of his medal. Only instead of gold, it was made of turkey bacon.

Sage also tweeted that, upon returning to America, his first order of business would be to down a bunch of bacon. Something tells me Sage probably won't have to buy his own bacon anytime soon.