Dear Mix Morning Show,

We promised our son that if he managed to graduate with a 4.0 his senior year of college at Oregon, he could have a graduation party that he could plan and we would pay for all of it. We never thought he would do it. He was barely getting a 3.0 his junior year and that was up from a 2.5 his freshman year. He was in a frat and really enjoyed college to say the least.  However, he says he wants kegs of beer at this party. Now here is the thing. Yes, he is a senior in college but he is only 20. He graduated early from high school. He did really well in high school and then started partying at Oregon. That is where we came up with the idea to bribe him to get a 4.0. My wife said no way, but I say that since we promised him, we have to deliver. He has offered to take full responsibility for everything.

Sean Murphy


A bunch of his frat brothers are coming to Boise this weekend for the party. There are some of age and others that are 19 or 20. Then add in my son’s friends from high school  who are still 20. It’s kind of a homecoming/graduation party. He is expecting over 75 people based on his Facebook response. We knew our son drank in college. We were fine with that. He was in a frat. He was at college. It’s part of the experience. That is why I see no big deal. My wife says we are breaking the law. She says if anyone gets drunk and leaves, we are responsible. My son promises me that everyone will stay at the house and camp out in the yard Saturday night. He said he will make everyone put keys in a bowl and they will give it to us to keep. The party is approaching fast. We are so proud of our son for graduating from Oregon with a 4.0 and he even has a summer internship lined up at a financial firm in Portland that will hopefully turn into a full time gig in the fall. I say this may be our last chance with him at home. Let him have some fun. My wife won’t budge. Who is right?


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