The scooters have been popular in Boise, but how popular? How many people have been using the scooters since they deployed and how many people have been ticketed using them?

According to the city of Boise released information on scooter use. There are 3 companies and each are aloud 250 scooters, that's 750 scooters that could be on the streets at a time but they see about 500 on average. The police say they have only ticketed one person for reckless riding of a scooter, only one!

My favorite part of the article written by Haley Squiers from :

Overall, city leaders say riders have traveled nearly 150,000 miles around Boise. That's the distance from Boise to London's Buckingham Palace, 31 times over.

%19 of the population has used them, about 42,000 people. The city had positive comments about the overall scooter experience in Boise.

Meridian will be rolling theirs out soon, interested to see how it goes.

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