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I am not a legal expert and never will I claim to be.

That being said - I do have some thoughts on there not being a specific law for women to lean on when receiving those horrifying inappropriate photos. You know what I'm talking about... someone gets desperate and somewhere in their sick mind, they think by showing off their private parts to someone in a text message, that they will get a response back.

It doesn't work that way - nor should it ever.

Technology, social media, and creeps... OH MY!

I'm lowkey terrified of what technology will bring us next. I thought things were bad when Facebook decided to go from college emails only to allowing everyone on the platform. Now? Shoot... where do I begin:

  • TikTok - people trying to go viral
  • Internet challenges - could be in the same class as TikTok but do we remember how bad these things got?
  • DeepFake technology - fake news finds a new weapon in the cyber world
  • D**k pics - enough said.

Combating "nudes" and dirty photos

I did some research but as I mentioned at the beginning of this article - I'm no legal expert. I'll be honest with you, I'm terrible at the legal lingo and do my best to navigate the ever-changing world that is Idaho legislation.

In my hunt for a specific law that combats lewd photos and texts to women that are unsolicited, I didn't find anything specific but... I did find some laws that I would think could help combat unsolicited "sexting" or "nudes.

Do these laws help prevent unsolicited lewd messages? I would certainly hope so but I would love the opinion of a lawyer. I tried to contact a few lawyers in town but was referred to booking a "free consultation." What do you think? Or, rather - am I missing a specific law here that combats this type of behavior? Let me know!

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