Have you ever heard how people metaphorically "throw rocks at the people they have a crush on"? Yeah - I think that's what's happening here in Idaho, but please, don't shoot the messenger.

The signs are all there

If we don't see it, we hear it... if we don't hear it, we read it - every. Single. Day.

We come across that one individual out of every hundred or so who says: "Those damn Californians are running our state!"

Just the other day - I left the radio station for a quick haircut on my break. I had a reservation that I made from my phone and as soon as I arrived, I was told I can check in on their app.

I took my seat to wait for a stylist who would later become my friend, a gentleman walked in and was asked to enter his name into... "the system."

As if the man was being held hostage and bound by zip ties, he immediately denied the establishment the opportunity to get his email address.

"Only someone from California would want my address! I shouldn't have to volunteer that s*** for a f*****g haircut!" he yelled.

Is this a love-hate relationship?

I immediately thought: "Dude... it's an email address. You can end that s*** with the tap of a button!" Then it occurred to me that maybe this man doesn't actually hate California... but maybe he loves California?

You ever hear the old saying/phrase that people "throw rocks at their crush"? Perhaps this is the same situation with California and Idaho?

As a matter of fact - we asked Idaho locals what things they would happily welcome from California and the results may surprise you...

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