There has been talk of a ban on propane cans as one of our contributors recently shared. As he pointed out, this would have a huge impact on gas grills.

Why don't we focus on things that are more... annoying?

There are plenty of city ordinances that do a pretty decent job of keeping Boise clean. However, there are some petty things people do that we would like to see go away. Why? Because seriously - when was the last time anyone got seriously upset that someone was grilling some burgers with gas instead of coals? Maybe if you're a die-hard grill master but even then... is it worth banning?

Let's take a look at ten things we would rather see banned instead of propane tanks in Idaho.

Forget Gas Grills, Can Idaho Ban These 10 Things Instead?

There has been talk of a ban on propane cans which would impact grilling with gas. Instead of banning that, can we ban these 10 things instead?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Out of all of those listed, we really wish there was a way to prevent people from peeing in the pool. Banning the practice of not returning a grocery cart would be nice, sure, but banning the practice of urinating in a public pool sounds like paradise.

You might be thinking some of these things that we would like to see banned are a little ridiculous.

You'd be right.

There is no ban more silly though, than the one imposed by the NCAA on our beloved Boise State Broncos. The ban was temporary but still, it could have had a ripple effect on the entire future of Boise State football...

How An NCAA Ban Almost Ruined Boise State Athletics

Remember that time that the NCAA wanted to ban Boise State's all-blue uniforms?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Speaking of things being banned, Idaho has some things that you are banned from mailing in Idaho. Let's take a look...

15 Items That You're Absolutely Banned from Mailing in Idaho

If you're a regular Idahoan without special permits or certifications, these are items that you're absolutely not allowed to mail through the United States Postal Service. This doesn't represent all prohibited and restricted items, so if you've got a question about something you'd like to mail click HERE for more.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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