You tend to hear people say they'd like to get a dog or a cat but they "just don't have the time", but now might be the best time to jump on it!

Think about it... Here in Idaho, we're under a stay-at-home order. Now would be the absolute best time to adopt a puppy and spend some time getting them potty trained. Some time and patience is all that's really involved in getting a pup up to speed.

Most of the time when you adopt a cat, they're already litter box trained but now would be a great time for that, too.

Maybe all that seems like too much work for you, perhaps an older dog or cat would be a great addition to your home. The great thing about older animals is they're usually a bit more mellow. Right now would be a great time to bring an older animal home and get some good bonding time in with them.

As a pet owner, let me tell you, in this crazy stressful time, there's not much better than to cuddle up with the pups and pass out on the couch.

Fostering can be very rewarding, too. Usually you foster puppies for a couple of weeks to get them to a place where they can be adopted. When you foster a pet, they give you everything you need; crates, food, blankets, the works. All you provide is the love and patience! Again, now would be the perfect time!

The Idaho Humane Society is ready for you to come down and pick out a new furry friend!

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