I know it's illegal, but if I don't run a red light in Meridian every single day, I'll be late to work. So I've been here in the Treasure Valley going on three weeks now and I've realized this is a trend. And maybe there's someone I can contact about this? I'm not sure... But how long do you wait?

My first day at Mix 106 was January 20th, but my first day on the air for Moug & Carly in the morning was Monday, January 27th. I was so stoked to be back up early and doing what I love... I left my house in Meridian, was driving down Pine and got to Ten Mile, waited to turn left, and the light never turned green.

I was probably 3 minutes in when it hit me... Y'know cause driving can become so habitual, it took me a few to realize that I had been waiting for a long time. I thought, man, I must not have drove over the imaginary sensors I assume they must have in the ground. I waited and waited and finally, decided, I don't want to be late ON MY FIRST DAY due to a red light that won't turn green. There were no cars coming, so off I went.

Day Two: Same thing happened... And I waited a little less before deciding this was likely a trend. Well, now, two weeks in, I've realized this is just how that light is at 4 am, so I run the red light every single morning. Essentially, I treat it as a stop sign even though that big red arrow is illuminating my entire car and face.

We've all done this though, right? How long do you wait till you just say screw it and run the light? Who can I contact to ask for them to reset it or whatever has to be done?

And if you've made it this far in my random blog about running red lights, I'll ask... Cause I've honestly done this: Have you ever sat a stop sign waiting for the light to turn green and it took a while to realize it would never happen? Ok, nevermind. Me neither.

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