In an active place like the Treasure Valley, you don't have oodles of extra time to make a fancy charcuterie board for the kids at snack time, so it's a good thing frozen grapes will do.  These snack hacks are timesavers that will keep kids out of chip bags too.

I'm kind of glad I've never fixed the squeak in the pantry door because it signals that one of my children has opened it and I have about sixty seconds before I need to consider a response or let it slide.

I usually give the girls long ropes and lots of freedom to make bad snack choices because my mom was strict and as a result, I spent at least an hour a day as a kid conniving a perfect plan to launch a sneak attack on the chip drawer.  Being too strict creates rebellion and I don't want the kids to plain snack raids.  Instead of criticizing their snack choices at the moment, I try to give them information that will help them make good choices when I'm not around.  Still, there are times when I know my 9-year old should not follow two scoops of sherbert with rice Krispie bars and I'll suggest an orange instead.

Sometimes I swear, it takes the girls ten minutes to pick a snack because they use the time staring endlessly into the pantry to think about what they're going to wear the next day or how they're going to solve a problem in a friend triangle, but eventually, a snack is chosen and they retreat to the TV room upstairs to munch.  It's usually white cheddar popcorn.

There are many things we can do to make snack time easy and interesting, and the majority of the time the freezer will be involved. Frozen grapes are so good!  The deep freeze provides a handy break from the pantry and probably shaves off some calories and sodium content too.  If you have other ideas, let us know!

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