If you've ever hung out in downtown Boise on the weekend (especially in the evening), chances are you hear music echoing through the streets. Sure, it could be Humpin' Hannahs or the music from inside Strange Love, but it could also be someone risking it all just to bump their favorite song of the night.

Why would they be "risking it all"?

Okay, so maybe that's a bit of a stretch but if you jam your music loud enough, it could cost you. According to Title 6, Chapter 16 of Boise's city codes:

It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or permit the operation of any loud amplification device upon or within a motor vehicle in such a manner that the sound therefrom is plainly audible upon a public right-of-way or street at a distance of fifty feet (50') or more from the source of such sound.

All it takes is 50 feet and you can be liable for a fine and possibly court costs.

If you're blasting music in your own house, the city of Boise says that that noise shouldn't be heard from more than 100 feet of your house (the source).

Now, while driving a vehicle, you might not be able to measure what 50 feet actually is, especially when you're busy singing your lungs out. Let's take a look at 10 tangible things that measure 50 feet... are we reaching on some of these? Yes, yes we are.

Boise's Vehicle Noise Law Simplified In 10 Tangible Ways

Boise code states that if the music in your vehicle can be heard at least 50' away, you are breaking the law... let's simplify just how far that is with a few things we can compare that distance to.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Sure, bumping your music that loud isn't necessarily the worst traffic offense that you can make. There are several other moving violations that can do some serious damage to your driving record... far worse than blasting your favorite Ed Sheeran songs.

Let's take a look at these nine moving violations that were put together by our colleague, Michelle Heart.

9 Moving Violations That Do the Most Damage to Your Idaho Driving Record

According to the Idaho Transportation Department, these are the 9 moving violations that can lead to 4 points being added onto your license.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Now, what happens if you don't want to sing and blast your music? Maybe you're not interested in ruining your driving record either. But, surely you could eat behind the wheel... right?

Quick Question: Is It Illegal to Eat While Driving in Idaho?

Wait... Can you get pulled over for this??

Gallery Credit: Stephanie Gull

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