This story is starting to go viral.  A mother is upset after some diners at a Nampa restaurant said her 10-month old son "ruined" their dinner with his yelling.  We need your input on this.  

As parents, it's impossible to control every noise the kids make, right?  Yelling happens, and frankly we get a little sick of it too and would like peace and quiet just as much as the next guy or gal, especially at dinner.  Should restaurant patrons say something to parents with noisy kids, or leave well enough alone?  At what point is it okay for a stranger to step in and tell you to keep your child quiet?

Most parents aren't oblivious.  And we do our best!  Katie Leach told KTVB in a Facebook post that she's trying to teach her child "indoor voice," but he's 10 months old and still learning.  Right!  I totally get it, Katie.  I have a 7-year old that is still learning "indoor voice."

If I had been at the Texas Roadhouse in Nampa where this went down, I would have given Katie one of those looks that said, "Oh girl, I totally get it!  I understand.  I'll get down on the floor and catch the french fries that are about to hit the floor if you'd like.  Don't you worry about a thing."  Most parents are empathetic I think.

But apparently two women in their 50's or 60's slammed a note of disapproval on Leach's table and said the "screaming" kid "ruined" their dinner. Oh boy.  Did they cross a line?

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