On his way to a Super Bowl ring, the pride of Marsing Idaho, Shea McClellin had a few highlights with the New England Patriots and one of those highlights will no longer be allowed in the NFL as part of new rule changes for this year

Mike Kasper,Townsquare Media
Mike Kasper with Shea McClellin and Doug Martin,Townsquare Media

He wasn't the first to do it, Kam Chancellor did it for my Seahawks last year, but it's kind of extra special when your team goes on to win the Super Bowl, like


Shea's team, the New England Patriots did.  I'm talking about jumping over the center to block a field goal or a punt. Shea did it in the Super Bowl too, but was flagged for it and New England received a penalty. (Incorrectly I might add). But the NFL says that you can no longer do that any more, due to safety concerns. I'm starting to think NFL really does stand for the No Fun League


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