Being a real football fan, this time of the year is one we look forward to all year long. We're kicking off a brand new NFL season where you never know what is going to happen. Predictions could be wrong and your team could do better than expected, which is always the hope. But one thing is for sure, I think the best Wide Receiver in football shouldn't be on the field at all.

When I started playing football at 6-years-old, I was taught that the same lessons I learned on the field would help me in life. Like when I got knocked down, to pick yourself back up and keep fighting to help your team win. I feel like that message has been lost especially lately when you're talking about the diva Antonio Brown.

This guy thinks it's acceptable to bash teammates when things don't go his way (like he did with the Pittsburgh Steelers), then he got a $30 million dollar contract to play for the Oakland Raiders. Over the past week he threatened the Raiders General Manager (Mike Mayock) and made it visible through his social media pages that he put himself before the team.

He was then released by the Raiders, and now signed with the New England Patriots. So, after acting like a little baby he was rewarded by being added to one of the best NFL teams in the league and he still makes $15 million dollars this year ($9 million in guaranteed money). IS THIS A JOKE???

We are now teaching people especially kids that if you don't like something if you complain enough and whine on social media you will get what you want. Again, I have been a huge NFL fan since birth and I know that AB is beyond talented but at what point do NFL teams decide that crazy behavior isn't acceptable.

When I was growing up my brothers and I all looked up to the 'big time' athletes but in those days they were teaching us to work hard and eat right to better yourself. Now it seems like kids are being taught to act like a diva and put yourself before everyone else.

Are there any professional athletes left that kids can look up to?

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