I have arrived in the 'City of Trees'. Having lived in Montana for 23 yeas the change has been rough but I know I found another one of the best places in the country to call home... BOISE!

My friend Zizly has a great 'Idaho starter pack" for us transplants. It sounds odd, I have never been what is considered a 'transplant' and always been that person scoffing at more people moving to my area and the folks we don't consider 'local'. Now I am one of 'those' people... or am I? I love to fly fish, hike, hunt and be outdoors and Boise offers all of that. I enjoy volunteering and bettering my community and it sounds like that is what a lot of people here love to do and take pride in doing. BUT the simple fact is I am a "Newbie to Boise".

I thought this was one of my favorite things about a local bakery was there sign for gluten free water. Tongue and cheek of course.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM




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