It seems like Boise is seeing a new novelty dessert shop open up every month and we’re not complaining. Last week came the grand opening of another called Twisted Sugar, a specialty soda, smoothie, and fresh-baked cookie stop in Boise.

Jerron and Bre made a tasty stop at the Twisted Sugar in Utah every year. They loved it so much they decided to open up their own in Boise. So, here we are. The Twisted Sugar has arrived on Fariview.

This place serves over twenty flavors of cookies that are fresh-baked daily and specialty sodas with hundreds of options. For instance, you can order from Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Fanta, Root Beer Menu, and more. Then you add the twist. Each soda comes with a fun and delicious twist that makes this specialty soda unique and fun for the whole family.

Courtesy: Bre Bolingbroke
Courtesy: Bre Bolingbroke

If it's local you know Boise will come out to show support and especially a sweet new family. Not to mention their own twist on cookies, sodas, and fresh smoothies called, "Twisters." I was talking with the owner, Bre Bolingbroke about Twisted Sugar.

We are long-time Twisted Sugar customers and since we came to the area, we've known there needed to be one here. The variety of cookies and large drink menu make it a great spot for family night or date night, and we love working with customers on parties, weddings, or other events. We're excited for Twisted Sugar to be a part of this great community, and to share the delicious cookies and drinks.

Opening a new business during a pandemic is definitely brave. I don't know how many times I've had an idea to open something or build it. Jarron and Bre did it and that's just admirable.

Twisted Sugar is located on the right side of Fairview as you head to the Village.

Welcome to Boise Twisted Sugar!

  • Twisted Sugar
  • 10804 W Fairview Ave
  • Boise, Idaho
  • (208) 207-2984



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