The National Toy Hall of Fame just announced the three toys it will be inducting this year . . . and out of the 12 finalists that COULD'VE gotten voted in, these three are all a bit surprising.

The three toys in the 2016 class are:  Dungeons and Dragons . . . Fisher-Price Little People . . . and the swing.

The nine finalists that weren't voted in are:  Clue . . . bubble wrap . . . Care Bears . . . Nerf . . . coloring books . . . Transformers . . . pinball . . . Uno . . . and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.

OK, I get the swing...Out of all the toys up for nomination this year, it deserves it the most because it's been around the how can you leave out Rock 'm Sock 'em Robots?  Such a classic and awesome to that has stood the test of time

What do you think?  Did the Hall of Fame get it right?

Congratulations to all the winners, better luck next year to all those toys who were left out in the cold this year.