Last year, Amanda Dunne won the women's 5k at FitOne with a time of 17:21.  That's fast!  If you can't run under a six-minute mile it's just fine.  You'll be surrounded by support no matter what your pace, and that's what makes this event a great place to give running a try.

The fastest time for the men's division in the FitOne 5k last year was 14:57, and that belonged to Pablo Lopez.  You go Pablo!  Running 3.1 miles in under fifteen minutes is pretty awesome.

Ready to reveal your 5k pace?  Mine is 26 or 27 minutes usually, and by that time Amanda and Pablo are probably done with the shower and on to their post-run protein shake. But at least it's a finish.

In the chubby high school days, I never would have thought running was even possible for me unless I was being chased by a bear.  And then I tried it.  I had always been a treadmill walker, and one day I decided to boost the speed and see if I could trot along for awhile.  That lasted a minute or two and then I went back to walking.  And then I increased the speed to run for another few minutes again.  Before I knew it, I was running more than I was walking.  That was several years ago, and since then I've managed to keep up the running routine.  Yesterday I ran 11 miles and totally surprised my former chubby self.  It's amazing what we can do if we just try.

The annual FitOne event is set for Saturday, and we'll see competitive runners, walkers, and strollers in the 5k. Whatever you're working with, just bring it. There's still time to register for the 5k, or the 10k or the half marathon, and you'll be surrounded by good energy no matter which race you pick.

It's all for the kids at St. Luke's because they are the real champs with their medical battles.  I'm sure they have surprised themselves and their parents with their resiliency and grit in what they're going through, and that alone should provide the motivation for the rest of us to put on the running shoes.

Whatever your final time turns out to be, it will be good because you did it.  See you on Saturday.

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