I heard a new slang term yesterday and was instantly bewildered, I had never heard it before. "yeet".....

I guess this means to throw something at a fast rate or can even replace the term "word". Have you heard it before? With that in mind, what new slang terms have you heard?

Here are a few newer ones we found:

  • "sippin' tea" means spilling the gossip.
  • " Slay" means to excel" at something.
  • "High-Key" the opposite of being "Low-Key".
  • "Hundo P" according to goodhousekeeping.com This means 100%. That's it. Use it instead of "of course" or "definitely."
  • "Jomo" this is the opposite of "FOMO" which is the fear of missing out and now this is the "Joy of Missing Out"

We also posted on Facebook and got a few clever and funny answers. Nicole says her son says " Bet" as in ok? Trying to keep in the know with the fresh slang can be hard but thankfully we have the urban dictionary.

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