You may have noticed the construction and renovation progress downtown, and all of that has paid off for a brand new sandwich shop that's really good at pairing sandwiches with specialty lemonades.  After the grand opening yesterday, this is day two.

Lemon Tree Co. says it's offering specialty lemonades and sandwiches - with a twist.

Boise restaurants are great at being health conscious and sensitive to all palates, and this will be another good one.  They'll have vegan and vegetarian options, and the gluten-free choices too.

Check out some of these menu items.

The Grilled Cheese won't be just any ole grilled cheese.  Lemon Tree's will have Fontina, gruyère, sharp cheddar, caramelized onion, cherry preserves, and jalapeno-dijon aioli between two slices of artisan bread.  Cheese lovers unite.

The cherry preserves might pop up in a lot of places for ya.  The Turkey Boursin has the house-made boursin cheese, cherry preserves, roasted garlic, greens, and olive oil sittin' on top of the turkey.

I'm thinking about a hot summer day with the kids out of school, and we pop in for a sandwich and some lemonade on the way to the pool.  And pick up some extras to pack for snacks.  Besides the regular lemonade, they'll have blood orange and prickly pear to pick from, and rotating beers and wines too.

Boise has a great foodie community, and this is more evidence of that. Grand opening was yesterday, so they're off and running.  Good luck chefs!

Lemon Tree Inc.

224 North 10th

Downtown Boise

Hours 11am to 4pm

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