The lines might be long at this Meridian sub shop today because of the cheap eats.  A sandwich for a buck?  That never happens!  Except sometimes.  Like today.

Here's where you can get it.

Jimmy John's is honoring Customer Appreciation Day with $1 sandwiches between 11am and 3pm today (Thursday, April 21).

The Jimmy John's website says Subs #1-6 and Slims #1-6 will be the sandwiches available at the discounted price, and if we want to get fancy with the bread or add extra toppings we'll have to pay extra.  And pay the sales tax of course.

There are three Meridian Jimmy John's restaurants on the list of participating locations - Eagle Road, Overland Road, and Main Street.

Now it the time to use that loose 1-dollar bill that has been rolling around at the bottom of your handbag for weeks.  It's lunch money!

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